Exactly How I Increased My Manhood size & Stopped Premature Ejaculation That Almost Scattered My Relationship For 2years!

Latest testimony of this natural breakthrough below...


This worked For Me and as now worked for over 75 -while the numbers keep increasing!

About a year ago I was under the category Timaya would call "indomie men".

I was very sick to the head for SMALL MANHOOD & PREMATURE EJACULATION.

My Manhood was too small and could not last longer in bed (I do release before entry and at times 7 seconds after entry)!

couldn't  satisfy my spouse either...  ,

......and to her knowing this can erupt stress on the relationship.-shameful and frustrating.

She Has Got It All



But It was Hearth Breaking... Couldn't go as deep as my fingers could to give her that stimulation and real fucking she expected. She wouldn't want to talk but i can see her leaving me already.

I tried using just any pills... It doesn't work

I spent enough on pills as they weren’t the answer, they just never did increase penis girth like they promised.

What i wanted was the naturally solution to enhance erections and increase m penis size

I read several online article which explained so many techniques; one was the Stop-and-Start, another was d Squeeze methods,Deep Breathing and so many which didn't Just WORK-All Completely rubbish

I heard about some tools called Stretcher too. To be frank with you, this actually did increase m penis size, as I noticed some negligible gains... but these gains didn't last more than 3 days before my dick went back to it's sorry length :)


-=-They were just complete waste of Time=-


I optioned going to the hospital and knowing this might be placed on Surgery. I erased the option.in my quest, I came about knowing this...(check the pic below)

I almost gave up the findings for the lasting solution....Chime(My spouse) almost disappeared as she never called me,her phone was neither available for two good weeks..She avoided me totally and then i realised she was leaving me already.

Just like a lady in the new some days back rejected a marriage proposal because of her man's small D while other women supported her actions too (picture below)

"I then started the h*t life race...I must correct this...Chime is going

"I started searching on the internet,became a television addictlistens to radio, went to different pharmacist..

..........No definite Soln Came Out Of them....I was on the verge of giving up.


I was about sleeping on a Tuesday night(last week of march precisely) that windowed into a detailed THE LASTING SOLUTION that corrected my small penis as it's increases it's girth and length completely naturally. It also brought me the pure herbal ingredients(E-Herbal Capsules) to Premature Ejection problem too.


The greatest and Most wanted MOMENT Came up!

Yeah the solution to the Tough battle!

The first increased my manhood and the second correct the premature ejaculationPermanently,Naturally and %100 NO side effect.

The MG Oil increased naturally Increased my Dick size.

 Testimonies keeps dropping in from Nigerian Men,Men of some other countries and social conditions whom have now achieved adequate erection and added more inches to their size. 

The testimonies we have collected are very eloquent, see some of that below;

The same solutions prompted Mr Jerry's testimoney below:


Mr Ali from FCT has this to say just after 11days;


Now we reached an agreement with the producer at 65% cheaper.

Instead of paying as much as N24,000 (the Normal price which was even the price i got it for myself and my friends), I reached a partnership that almost took all my savings just to help you and others even as it takes time off my personal job. With this now you will able to get get this like me and the agreement brought E-herbal to N12,000 and M G Oil also to N12,000 with free DELIVERY to any where you are in Nigeria (free shipping is exclusive anywhere outside) while you even PAY ON DELIVERY!  FREE DELIVERY TO ALL STATE.

...While YOU EVEN PAY ON DELIVERY....You Pay When the Delivery Partner Brings IT.



E-Herbal: N12,000 

MG Oil: N12,000



Get Both together at Just N14,999 instead of N24,000 from each alone's price

THIS Partnership Also Brought about a Contest in which 10 winners from anyone who get the 2solutions AND ONLY THOSE WHO WISHES to participate will be picked for a FREE All-expense-paid Medical Checkup In Japan with His Family.. last trip seen below.


This will be sponsor by Manufacturing Company if they wish to go and Out of which the few left of the 2soln gives any one interested the listing for the contest.

The few left of the 2solution gives access to the listings.

MG and E-Herbal Together goes for just N14,999 naira only.

While you even get the two together Today ONLY at just 14,999 from the New Pack Discount Going On right Now! 


This In fact Comes To While you Pay On Delivery, this means you pay when it get to you physically.


"The Penile Curvature Correction Guide" For FREE 

 The tutorail shows you in a 2page pictorail steps how to naturally and safely strengthen your bent penis naturally...

Every step invouled is 100% Natural. It strengthens your penis in such a way that, when next you pull out your instrument before your woman, especailly a new cath, you don't look like you're facing Lagos, while your penis faces Lokoja LOL.

However that is only available today and tomorrow after which it can be removed or at sold for 4500

You get the Free Secret Steps Sent to your email as soon as your 77 herb delivered to you

Here's How to Request and Pay On Delivery

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Follow Steps Below To Request and Pay On Delivery

Note - Please be FULLY ready for Product and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you place order just as it cost us to send it via courier. 


To Order For MG Oil and E-herbal

Fill the form below,confirm your order and then click on the submit button

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