Effective Foot,Leg And Heel Pain Reliever Slippers That Works!

The Fastest Way To Relieve Heel,Leg And Back Pains From Home With The Healing Slippers.


One effective wonder SLIPPERS that Relived My Pains of long time.


 About 4 months ago, i was under serious pains.

Leg,Heel,Artisiets and Foot Pains almost made me loss my job and my wife wasn't happy about it either.

It was chronic and persistent.


It almost took my job...

My job was everything to me and i never wanted to be in pains before and after retirment. I belive i should retire and enjoy life.

The pains were sharp,tingling, burning, radiating and aching.


But it was notting to right home about that my Legs,Heels and Feets were always in pains that I feel bad at work.

Standing for long time was my enemy.

Walking was dificult and makes my leg hurt.

I often avoid long walk with collegues and my social life was so boring that I wasn't proud of it either.


Knowing that it is a life-threatening condition. It was worrisome that i find it heard not think at nights.  


I tried using just any remedy that didn't just work.

I spent enough on oils that later didn't work, they just never clear of my face marks.

They were never the answer as what i wanted was a fast and effective remedy that is also natural.


I read several online articles which explained so many techniques.


Used drugs, creams and all sorts of smelly oils but none was effective, seeked medical treatment severally with no changes either as no definite result came out of them.

Exercise was not helpful either.


I almost gave up until 12 weeks after that the greatest moment came!!

I was lucky enough to stumble upon the game changer in the middle of talks with a friend’s brother who resides in DUBAI and pioneered the same Healing Slippers used by top PUBLIC FIGURES in Dubai and that even spending more than N100,000 at the end of the day.


Then i imagined what having no pain in my heel,leg and foot would mean...

I hopefully give it a try and it just worked!

It was like heaven on earth for me.


It relieved my Leg,heel and foot pains in the first 2 weeks I started using it.

Only 15 Minutes per day wearing of this healing slippers will assit the following;

✅Relax tired, sore, plantar fasciitis feet.

✅Better Sleep

✅ Quick Pain Reliever.

✅Promotes better blood flow to enhance overall health.

✅ Reliefs stress, Aniexty and Insomania.

✅Fight Depression

✅Restless Leg Syndrome.

While it's also a great healthcare gift for family and friends.


On each foot there are lots of nerve endings called reflexes that correspond to every organ and system within the body.

By pressing on these reflex points, you stimulate the nervous system and open energy pathways that may be blocked or congested and there by releiving pain in the leg,heel and back.


Also designed to soothe foot/ heel pain & tension due to arthritis, neuropathy and other ailments.


Success Stories From Customers Using The ALIVER OINTMENT

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Normal price: N34,050

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